We have assembled a high quality professional team for the execution of the concession contract, with a firm commitment to sustainable, cooperative and comprehensive development for the construction, operation and maintenance of the First Metro Line of Bogotá. The project would adopt the highest standards to transform infrastructure and travel mode. We aim to generate better quality of life and satisfaction for its users, contributing to the businesses grow, economies thrive and communities flourish of the city of Bogotá and its surroundings. Our slogan is ""Bring you home faster".


We aim to build a friendly and environmentally respectful mobility solution, and to bring transformation and efficiency for Bogotá.We work to connect the city, in fully understanding mobility needs. To develop a project that, in addition to creating jobs, implies an advance in modernity and technology.We want to be a perfect strategic ally of our grantor Empresa de Metro de Bogotá and capital city Bogotá, understand the needs reciprocally and bring our cultures closer.


We want First Metro line of Bogotá to be known as a benchmark on national and global scale, and thus, we want our company to be the top choice in sustainable public transport projects for our leading performance in the construction, execution and operation.