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Estructura Corporativa


Políticas De Gobierno Corporativo


It is a Simplified Share Company under the Law 1258 of 2008, constituted by private document of November 7th 2019 and registered with the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce, under Enrollment No. 03188448, with main address in Bogotá, D.C., under administration of China Harbour Engineering Company Limited.

The management of the Company is exercised by the General Assembly of Shareholders, the administration of the Company is controlled by the Board of Directors and by the General Manager, with the functions assigned according to the Statutes...


Informes de Gobierno Corporativo

Semiannual Report of Corporate Bodies First Semester 2021

JD Semester management Report


AGA Semester management Report


JD Committees Semester management Report

2019 Annual Corporate Governance Report 

Half-yearly report corporate bodies  second half 2020

Annual Corporate Governance Report 2020

Informe Semestral Órganos Corporativos Primer Semestre 2021 (obs LFA)
ML1 Informe de Gestion Semestal JD 2020
ML1 Informe de Gestion Semestal AGA 2020
ML1 Informe de Gestion Semestal Comites de JD 2020
ML1 Informe Anual de Gobierno Corporativo 2019
Informe Semestral Órganos Corporativos Segundo Semestre 2020
Informe Anual de Gobierno Corporativo 2020

Información sobre Auditorías

Audit Information– Metro Línea 1 S.A.S.

In accordance with the Corporate Governance Manual of Metro Línea 1 S.A.S., the Company will publish through this website the information corresponding to the technical, legal, financial, accounting, environmental, social, security and health audit, as soon as it is available, for the knowledge of public opinion.

Regarding the accounting and financial audit, the report "Accounting and Financial Audit in English of the year 2019" revealed the following results: See attached file.

The other audits are currently in process; their results will be published by Metro Línea 1 as soon as they are available.

Auditoría Contable y Financiera 2019 en Español
Información financiera EEFF Auditados 2020_ML1

Información sobre Posibles Conflictos de Interés

Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest – Metro Línea 1 S.A.S.

In accordance with the Corporate Governance Manual of Metro Línea 1 S.A.S., the Conflict of Interest Management Committee (the “Committee”). is responsible for the identification, verification, management, control and resolution of Conflicts of Interest.

In that order of ideas, the Compliance Officer is responsible for constantly identifying and verifying the existence of possible Conflicts of Interest in databases and transaction records of Metro Línea 1 S.A.S., regarding which the internal procedures of management, control and solution must be carried out. For this purpose, the Compliance Officer submits to the Committee a periodic report on the process of identification and verification of possible Conflicts of Interest, in order for the Committee to be able to carry out the respective management, control and solution procedures.

Finally, and after the aforementioned stages have been exhausted, Metro Línea 1 S.A.S. will include each of the identified and managed Conflicts of Interest on this website, for the knowledge of public opinion.

As of May 31, 2020, the following is the list of Conflicts of Interest identified and managed by ML1:

  -  To date, no Conflict of Interest has been identified.


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