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Partner registration guidance

Tendering Process for Metro Line 1 Project

Metro Linea 1 S.A.S. is looking forward to establishing strategic relationships with qualified, experienced, and reputable companies. If you are interested in cooperating with us and becoming a potential partner in the Project for the First Line of the Metro of Bogotá, read the information of selection process carefully described below:

1. Contact us and introduce the company at the following email addresses:

- is responsible to receive subcontractor’s company information including experience, brochure, license, etc. Subcontractor works include but not limited to the following, Civil Engineering Works, System Works, Railway Works, Steel Structure Works, Utilities Networks, Roads, Station Works, etc.

- is responsible to receive supplier’s company information, including experience, brochure, license, etc. Procurement works include but not limited to the following, materials, Construction Equipment, Permanent Equipment, Logistics, customs, and clearance, etc.

We kindly insist to choose the right email s. Also, remember the more information you send, the more we will know about your company.

2. Revision period of subcontractor’s/supplier’s information

Our team will review the information and assess the company based on various criteria. This process will end in three possible outputs.

1) Rejection: When the company does not meet our needs and/or requirements. A rejection email may be sent, however, the non-response from the company must be assumed as rejection.

2) Request additional information or documents: We may request additional information form the company. Upon the receipt, the company will be re-evaluated.

3) 2-3

3. Publishing the Tendering information on the website

The tendering information will be published on our website for companies to participate.

Tendering Process

Issue tender information

Notice of short-listed bidding process for legal advising services

METRO LINEA 1 S.A.S. will be conducting a short-listed bidding process to select top Colombian and International Law firms to advise us (and our future Colombian and International Lenders) on the Short-Term Loan we will be securing from financial institutions both local and foreign. 


Aviso de proceso de licitación para servicios de asesoría legal

Invitation to Bid for the Provision of 4 Hybrid Class-A Passenger Vehicles

We, METRO LINEA 1 S.A.S.( “ML1”), are pleased to invite the “Bidder” to provide a proposal for the above-mentioned provision of the Project (the “Works”).

Below is the general information.


Metro METRO LINEA 1 S.A.S.( “ML1”)


Calle 100 No.8a-49 World Trade Center, Torre B, office 1102


The Works

Provision of 4 Hybrid Class-A Passenger Vehicles

Proposal to be sent

Email to:      


Subject: Provision of 4 Hybrid Class-A Passenger Vehicles

General Information of the Bidder

a.     Information about the supplier’s registration documents and size.

b.     Core business and services provided by the Bidder. Ability to provide continued maintenance and service.

List of major sales and services in the last two years. Preferably for clients similar to usoptional.

Price Proposal

a.     Provide both a lump sum price and, but also a cost breakdown.

b.     Provide name of brand and model of the cars.

c.      Include post-sale service fees. in included.

Other Advantages

d.     Other advantages the supplier can be provide

Deadline for Submissions

Sunday, September 27th, 2020

Publish website


Notice for Invitation to Bid (Car)

Invitation to Bid for the Mobility Study and General Traffic Management Plan of Closures and Detours (the“Works”)


We, METRO LINEA 1 S.A.S.(the “Concessionaire”), is pleased to invite the “Bidder” to submit a tender (the “Tender”) for the above-mentioned subcontract works of the Project (the “Works”).

Below is the general information and schedule of the Tender process.

Table 1. General Information

Name of the Project

First Line of the Bogotá Metro

The Works

Mobility Study and Traffic Management Plan of Closures and Detours

Tender No.


Tender Documents and

Addendum & Clarification

Download Link:

Bidding Documents and

Request for Clarifications

Upload Link:


Calle 100 No.8a-49 World Trade Center, Torre B, office 1102

Contact Person

Xuewen Hu


+57 3227 262838

Publish website

Table 2. Tender Process Schedule

Issuing of Tender Documents

Wednesday August 19, 2020

Deadline for Inquiries

Friday, September 11, 2020

Deadline for Submissions

Friday, September 18, 2020



Invitation to Bid for the Topographic Survey and Geotechnical Investigation Works

Work Brief Description

On the 27th of November 2019, Metro Linea 1. S.A.S (the “Concessionaire”) signed Concession Agreement No. 163 of 2019 for the design, procurement, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance of the Bogota Metro Line 1 Project.

Through this Public Notice to International Tender, the Concessionaire invites all international qualified applicants who are interested in participating the bidding process for the Topographic Survey and Geotechnical Investigation Works Contract or Contracts. Below is an overview of the general aspects of the tender. The bidder is free to quote any of Parts or all.

Part A:    Topographic survey

Part B:     Site soil exploration

Part C:     Laboratory test

Part D:    Geotechnical reports

Part E:     Pavement (detour) geotechnical exploration (provisional)


All the technical requirements and evaluation criteria for this tender process can be downloaded from the following link:

Issuing of Tendering Documents        12/May /2020

Deadline for Submission of the Bids   27/May /2020


Commercial & Legal & Complacence Department

Calle 100 No.8a-49  World Trade Center,  Torre B, office 1102

E-mail: commercial

METRO LINEA 1 S.A.S (NIT:901.339.011-6)



Public Notice To International Tender

Independent Member Selection

Any communication and/or referral of documentation must be made to the following address:

Attention: Mr. WU YU – Gerente Metro Linea 1 S.A.S.

Subject: Independent Member Selection Process.

Contact: Human Resources.

Address: Calle 100 No.8a-49 World Trade Center, Torre B, office 1102, Bogota D.C.

We appreciate your kind attention to the present.

Kind regards



Representative Legal METRO LINEA 1 S.A.S.


ML1 convocatoria miembros independientes para Junta Directiva 2020