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Subway mechanism

A total of 30 UTO driving mode trains will be implemented with a maximum UTO operating speed of 80km/h and an average operating speed of 42.5km/h.

The trains will be supplied by the third rail with a voltage of 750 V dc.

Operating system

The design density standard of 6 passengers/m² is set to allow for the corresponding minimum capacity per train of 1 800 passengers.

The minimum proportion of passengers seated at train level shall be 13% in operational load conditions (EL6), including areas for PRM, while the maximum proportion of passengers standing in the same condition shall be 87%, allowing for passenger mobility of 72,000 persons per hour and 1,050,000 persons per day.

A capacity of 46,300 passengers per hour per direction is offered for commercial operation of the Main Line. The minimum operational interval will be every 140 seconds, perfectly guaranteeing the mobility of the city in peak hours.

System composition

The metro system is composed of U beam viaducts, stations, workshops, operational control center (OCC), substation, rolling stock, metro-rail system, etc.

The metro-rail system contains all the necessary subsystems for its operation: the metro rolling stock; the signalling system; the power supply system; CCTV; platform doors, etc.

System operation